Our mechanical Engineering skills are highly developed. Our people bring expertise from across the complete spectrum of onshore and offshore applications.
Our mechanical Engineering competency has grown out of the consultancy work. Where clear definition of equipment needs is paramount to producing quick, accurate estimates of client developments.
Knowledge of major equipment items such as compression and power generation equipment is key to developing accurate costing and robust engineering solutions.

  • Static Equipment Specification
  • Pressure Vessel Specification
  • Rotating Equipment specification
  • Dynamic Vibration Modeling
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Platform start-up
  • Offshore and Onshore Plant Experience
  • Material Selection
  • Materials Engineering



  • Flow Sheets
  • Water Injection Equipment
  • Heat exchanger
  • Gas Processor
  • Condensate Stabilization
  • Gas Handling Selection

Our dedicated engineers have the capability to design pipeline using Modern softwares.




Our engineers have many years of experience with both client and contracting organizations

Our experience group of electrical, instrument and controls engineers and designers at sumbriro are available at all skill levels. Our senior engineers also have experience of major operators to compliment their design knowledge.

The capability exists to undertake electrical power systems analysis using both in house and proprietary software. This includes electrical load flow and short circuit analysis transient stability design and system protection coordination.

  • Processing Control Design
  • System Installation
  • Electrical Power
  • Systems Analysis
  • Inspection, Testing and Commissioning
  • ED/F&G System Design
  • DCS Design &UPS
  • Metering System Design
  • Sub sea Controls Design.
  • Electrical Safety

Sumbriro Structural Engineering capabilities have grown with the continued expansion of the company,
Sumbriro engineering is capable of designing & Construction sea defenses, roads buildings, equipment foundations, pipe racks and other civil engineer aspects of the oil and gas industries.
The Team consist of experience, professionally qualified engineers who are fully capable of developing a structural concept

  • Structural Analysis Experience Conventional
  • Jackets, FPSO’S
  • Foundation Construction/Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Fabrication of Support
  • Design Competence to Major Code
  • Sub sea & FPSO Design Experience
  • Modification Design Work

Sumbriro dedicated staff experience in the design sea defenses including sea walls and revetments.
Our staff has undertaken various consultancy works on sea defenses including application of geotexile in construction of sea defenses.

Sumbriro has been involved in many road design and construction. We proffer solutions to many road problems and with our dedicated team, we undertake new roads construction and maintain already existing roads. We also undertake erosion control specialize soft soil. We have the technology and the technical know-how to execute project to client satisfaction.

To maintain and continuously improve our project management services, it is important that best tools are available to our managers

Sumbriro places equal emphasis on the quality of management as well as the quality of engineering. Sumbriro project managers are highly qualified and experience; all having worked in both operator and contractor environments on Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

The focus of our project management is always on adding value to our client’s objectives. The flexibility inherent in the sumbriro organization encourages innovation thinking in engineering and in the management of that process. We believe that our management of that process enables aggressive schedules to be maintained and the highest quality to be achieved.

Our project control systems are fully integrated network systems.

  • Project Control
  • Cost-Estimating
  • Document Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Interface Management
  • Quality Control
  • Certify Authority Liaison

We have directed several road projects including Eminigi Road, Eleme Port-Harcourt Refinery Road, Chevron Drive, etc



We undertake both high and medium housing project and uses highly skilled labour to meet the needs of our numerous customers
We also remodel already existing building and facilities to suit the demands of the customers in other to cut cost.
Our building projects are mainly turkey and we also check integrity of the building before commencing any remolding jobs and also maintain safe practices in all our projects. We partner with developers tp provide infrastructure



  • Safety Management System
  • Safety Review & Audit
  • High Level Risk Analysis
  • Risk Based Decision Making
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • PFEER Regulation Compliance
  • Hazard Identification and HAZOP
  • Safety Critical Element Analysis
  • Development of Performance Standards
  • Verification Plans
  • Regulatory Authority Liaison
  • Safety Engineering Studies

Sumbriro is in the business of provision of technical manpower resources, specializing in the supply of highly skilled personnel to the global oil and gas industry covering every stage of the business process, from design and planning to construction, maintenance, operation and project management.


Mechanical Engineering



Electrical/Instrument and Control Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

Sea Defences

Project Management

Road Construction

Building Project

Manpower Resources